Inception of the company

The Vendôm Company is a recruitment company specialized in luxury hospitality and starred gastronomy.

The issue

The Vendôm Company was born out of the hard challenge of recruiting in the luxury hospitality industry nowadays, despite the availability of several supports on the market.

Recruitment is a major difficulty today. With the multiplication of information channels, the correlation between employment offers and candidates is increasingly complex. Also, the time factor in human resources is another issue. Information is too abundant and scattered and it complicates the candidate search process, especially in times of shortage.

Social networks, employment websites, recruitment agencies – the tools are many and varied. However, they are all too generic and deal with a pool of hospitality and catering professionals.

This is how we responded to this expectation: by finding the right candidate in shorter delays in our specific, high demanding activity sector.

The solution

The Vendôm Company has the will to simplify the connection between prestigious establishments and qualified candidates through a network of professionals precisely selected for their competence in luxury hospitality and starred gastronomy.

Digital tools are useful and effective on the Net, they offer a huge visibility and reach more than 100,000 followers today in Europe through various social networks. is our exclusive network gathering all the actors of our industry. Since its creation, our offer has been supplemented with Vendôm Premium, a placement agency service that supports recruiters on specific and difficult requests.

The Vendôm Company is particularly mindful of people who represent the real heart of its collaboration.

The company makes a point in developing with each and every one of them human relationships based on trust, with due regard to the values which it made its own: humanity, excellence and selection.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech
Auberge du Père Bise, Talloires-Montmin
Lily of the Valley, La Croix-Valmer
Le Barthélémy, Saint Barthélémy